August 14, 2014

Long Days and Cooking

Last week was long. Husband was working long hours at work, and I long hours at home. I learned today that the next few weeks are going to be similar, without a break in the near future. I can feel my tolerance dropping, and to reserve energy, I have been putting off projects to be able to focus on getting through each day. After a twelve hour day doing what seems like everything, nothing tangible can be felt by 9pm. It came to a peak this afternoon when I found myself spending a blessed hour of both kids napping at the same time (miracle!) checking Facebook. Again. I tossed down my phone, realized I was hungry, and started cooking.

Within minutes of boiling water, I felt better. Chopping increased, and blood pressure decreased. After about 30 minutes of work, I had two very humble meals of veggie tacos and spaghetti. It wasn't award winning, but it was good.

Something happens when we live in a virtual world. At most desk jobs, all work is done via computer, and can't be seen once the laptop is closed. Payment for the day's work goes via direct deposit into the bank, and is accessed by a debit card. Driving home in an automatic car, arriving at home, and for some reason being too exhausted to do anything more than watch TV. It is a spiral effect, causing the mood and energy to decrease together.

How do we break out of the virtual world? Out of survival mode, and into reality? By doing work with our hands. The results of building, cooking, painting, and other hobby type activities can be seen instantly, and don't go away if the power suddenly goes out. It is probably the same reason my toddler can be playing a puzzle game on the computer, and end end acting emotional and frustrated, while a different day do an actual puzzle, and walk away happy.

I cleaned as I cooked, and walked away from a clean kitchen and a full refrigerator. Doing something with my hands (In silence...) was so much more revitalizing than taking a nap, or spending more time on social media. I hope this post will be at least a personal reminder that when things get tough, get up and make something good.