July 9, 2014

Bad Day Enchiladas

The kids have had colds this week. Sick kids mean half of the day is spent preparing for snot-induced meltdowns, and the other half is reacting to snot-induced meltdowns. Stuffy noses make toddler and infant sleep time not so peaceful, and the use of humidifiers, nose bulbs, saline spray, and wipes make the house look like a homeopathic horror scene. After a about a week of running around trying to keep the house sanitized, and the kids calm and clean, I needed to accomplish something beautiful and extraordinary.

Or just make a really good dinner.

I imagined a pot roast dinner with an apple pie desert, but the only required ingredient we had was an onion, and I had neither the time or the money to make a full shopping trip for one dinner. I took a peek into the fridge and thought, 'I could make enchiladas.'

I used this recipe for the sauce, and added chopped onions and frozen corn. I had leftover chicken, pinto beans, salsa, and a small amount of shredded cheese for the filling. I added \garlic powder to make up for any blandness, and got stuffing. Five minutes later, I had a fully packed casserole pan of rolled corn tortillas filled with the yummy chicken and such. I quickly poured the sauce over, and added just a little bit of cheese as a topping. A few minutes later in a 400 degree oven offered a bubbly, warm, and wholly comforting dish. Once the kids were asleep (after eating a separate lunch made to help their colds) I enjoyed a large plate of my homemade dish.

I needed a mental break from being a 24-7 nurse, and creating a little more work for myself granted it. I have dinner ready for tonight, and hope that this minimal accomplishment gives me the fuel to make it though the day with a smile, and the ability to give plentiful hugs, kisses, and sip-cups to my mucous filled little angels.