January 15, 2014

Postpartum Caulking.

Our new baby has arrived, and it's a boy!

We chose to keep the gender of our baby a surprise, and I am so glad we did. Labor and delivery didn't go as planned, and to finish a very trying time with, "Katie, it's Thomas!" was an absolute joy.

We are 4 weeks postpartum, and the experience is night and day different then the first time around. I didn't do well with the challenges of becoming a first time mom. I got hit with "The Baby Blues" and took a while to recover. I felt like I was entitled to so much... entitled to sleep, entitled to others helping me, and entitled to some sort of made up set of expectations about what parenthood is like. It's amazing how love heals us. The love for my daughter turned me into a completely different person, and I can't wait to thank her one day (when she understands) for what she has given me in happiness.

Because I had such a hard time recovering from my first pregnancy (You know what? Starting maternity leave getting rear ended by an SUV and going to the trauma room probably didn't help much...), I was concerned for the experience repeating itself. It hasn't. I have been emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted, but I haven't felt defeated. Two pieces of advice I read have really motivated me to get my act together from day one. They are:

1. You will be sleep deprived. Being angry about it will only make it worse.

2. It came to pass.

I'm not entitled to anything. Not even sleep! I don't "have" to sleep. I mean, I do... but that will come eventually. Parents have been sleep deprived for a couple years now, and most of them have gotten thru without spontaneous combustion. I am not entitled to anyone helping me. Any help that we receive is a blessing, and we are so grateful for it. It makes me happy just to know that people are willing and wanting to help us. So thank you to everyone who has been babysitting, cooking, and checking up on us.

Everything comes and goes. It came to pass. The sleepless nights, they will pass. The smiles, they will pass. The cuddles, they will pass. Even your crappiest day (with any precious moments hidden within) will pass, and will never come back. Hold onto moments. That way, when you look back on life, you won't have to wish that you appreciated something more. It will be fully with you, and experience you embraced for better or for worse.

We are doing great.

My husband took it upon himself (with some prompting apparently) to go thru our house and get it super organized... because we never really did that when we moved in. This included making our attic user friendly. We now have an amazing storage space. That reminds me, I need to get going on our newly spaced-out office. He also caulked and sealed all of our gappy, cracked baseboards using a method on the all amazing Pintrest. They look amazing. Did I say amazing? As in amazing husband? Thank you for making our home continuously user friendly.

We also have ordered new windows! Not super exciting, but I'm hoping that NOT having windows broken by punk neighbor kids will make our energy bill a little more manageable each month. 

And that's all. Just more kid raising, home making stuff on a budget (Target has cheaper diapers than Costco... caulking baseboards cost a few dollars less than replacing them all.) because I love our home and our not so little family.