March 23, 2013

How to go to Lowes with a Toddler

Fixing up our home has taken many shopping trips. I'm sure an experienced home owner or contractor could do a bathroom renovation in one or two trips to Lowes, but we pride ourselves in making about 5 trips per project. Lowes, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond... you name it, we've been there... within the past week, toddler in tow of course.

My most recent adventure was curtian hardware. After some time researching, I found the curtian hardware of choice and headed over to the great BB&B.

We have a sliding glass door, as well as a standard size window. The sliding door required about 8ft worth of curtian rod, and the window about 4ft. Not a problem. Until you add in the all dictating factor of....

The Toddler!

I'm not sure what took more convincing: getting the 8ft curtian rod into a shopping cart, or getting the toddler into a shopping cart. I guess both were equally challenging, because they both made their way out quite quickly. I encouraged Clara to "help" me carry the rod, which meant she hugged the bottom of it while I tried to direct her to the front of the store. Many other items were much more interesting than a stupid long box, and I had to re-direct her back to our goal a few times. Thank goodness for helpful sales associates. I needed a second adult to get both my child and my purchase safely back into the cart to make our way out to the car.

In addition to beautifying windows, we are renovating one of our bathrooms: Dark purple flowers covered the vinyl flooring, mint green climbed up the walls, and accents of gold hardware completed the look. I appreciate romantic decoration, but this was veering way out of my comfort zone. New, creamy tile is being installed on the floor. The walls will be soft white. Gold framed shower doors are in the garage, and an undecided shower curtain will be replacing them. The gold hardware? Maybe it will look good? Or maybe it will be Craigs-listed for some neutral chrome instead. Yeah... I think that's the direction we are heading in.

Taking a toddler to purchase paint is much easier than curtian rods. Let your little buddy help you by holding paint chips and browsing thru paint flyers. Free paint sticks with the purchase of your paint make great drum sticks. Also, is your toddler fussing? Fellow shoppers probably won't even notice over the sounds of the hardware store. If all else fails, take them to the lamp aisle. The free light and fan show will probably entertain them for a few minutes. Hey, you might even find some cute new light fixtures for the bathroom while you're there.