March 26, 2013

Holy Week in our Earthly House

At the beginning of each Lent, I for some reason feel rushed to make my Lenten commitments and sacrifices. One day I'll look at the calender and think, "hmmm, Lent is coming. I should be more prepared this year." And of course the next time I look at the calender I think, "LENT IS TOMORROW! DO I HAVE VEGETABLES?"

I think Holy Week is a chance to re-group and re-think the sacrifices/commitments of lent. After being reminded day after day that we are approaching Easter, I have no excuse anymore. It's time to give up another time-sucking activity (bye bye Pintrest), and introduce an enriching one in it's place (journaling, reading, meditating).

Our house adorned with the palms of last Sunday, and our hearts filled with thoughts of our King, let's take a step towards Easter; truly the happiest day of our Catholic year.