February 28, 2013

To Each Their Own: The Death of the Green Monster

Decorating one's house requires both a sense of one's style, and objectivity towards the general public opinion.

When we moved into our house, a good portion of our living room was painted green. Dark forest green. One of our first projects was to kill the green wall, lovingly named the Green Monster. In order to make sure I do not offend any Red Sox fans, I would like to point out that the Green Monster was more intimidating than anything. Such a bold color must have been the result of much discussion. Anyways... it gotta go.

Two coats of primer/paint later, the Green Monster was almost destroyed... until we ran out of paint. A thin section of wall remained a drippy green for weeks... reminding us of the giant that once was. Tonight, I am proud to say the Green Monster has entirely disappeared. This gives me hope that we will soon tackle all of the other monsters in our increasingly beautified home.

Now, not to belittle the paint selections of the previous owners... because, as previously stated, it was a bold color. Much more bold than I would ever care to be. So to each their own. I hope that you are able to create or destroy your own Green Monster, exactly to your liking.