February 28, 2013

To Each Their Own: The Death of the Green Monster

Decorating one's house requires both a sense of one's style, and objectivity towards the general public opinion.

When we moved into our house, a good portion of our living room was painted green. Dark forest green. One of our first projects was to kill the green wall, lovingly named the Green Monster. In order to make sure I do not offend any Red Sox fans, I would like to point out that the Green Monster was more intimidating than anything. Such a bold color must have been the result of much discussion. Anyways... it gotta go.

Two coats of primer/paint later, the Green Monster was almost destroyed... until we ran out of paint. A thin section of wall remained a drippy green for weeks... reminding us of the giant that once was. Tonight, I am proud to say the Green Monster has entirely disappeared. This gives me hope that we will soon tackle all of the other monsters in our increasingly beautified home.

Now, not to belittle the paint selections of the previous owners... because, as previously stated, it was a bold color. Much more bold than I would ever care to be. So to each their own. I hope that you are able to create or destroy your own Green Monster, exactly to your liking. 

February 24, 2013

Feeling at Home

In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.
Psalm 4:8

How long does it take to feel at home somewhere? I have moved almost every year since graduating from high school, and have adapted quickly and well to almost every place of residence. The last two moves have taken longer to adjust too, and I wonder why that is. Am I just getting older, and more set in my ways? Do I feel more pressure to work on our home and make it "homey?" The last two moves involved our little girl, and I'm almost sure that she has added some pressure to getting settled in.

Maybe it's the size of the house. Every move has been a little bigger. Well, starting with our first apartment, that is. The first few moves were from dorm room to dorm room... pretty much no space... to little space... to micro space...

Time to focus on the positives. Every time I feel a little (previous) home sick, I can look to the constants in my life... husband, child, God.. these things make a home. These things make homey. 

February 15, 2013

He that handles a matter wisely...

He that handles a matter wisely shall find good: and whoever trusts in the Lord, happy is he.
Proverbs 16:20

So after a long period without internet... we are back online.

Moving with a toddler is quite the challenge. Thankfully she was able to spend time at Nana's house during the move-in, and is now just 'helping' with the unpacking. Boxes are dwindling, and I am dreaming of the day we are 100% done.

Prior to move in, we made an amazing list of all improvement projects we wanted to take on for our new home. First to take place: paint the entry/living room/dinning room, and refinish the kitchen cabinets. Not too much, right?

Well, it's lent, and I gave up complaining for lent. So.... yeah. This post will be shorter than usual.

I think the lesson learned with DIY home projects is that the project will always take longer than expected. Challenges will come up unexpectedly. Sometimes those challenges will be so big, the project might have to be restarted. Fortunately, it is our home, and there is not a deadline to have everything perfect. Upgrades can wait. The best part about taking on projects just a couple at a time is that it gives an opportunity to take a step back and re-prioritize. After seeing the magnitude of the projects we have started, I can say that other ones are not so important. Right now the most important thing is for us to relax and get back to normal.

Speaking of normal, it sounds great right now. We still have half our kitchen in the living room, but have a deadline of tomorrow to have it all put back together again. Refinishing the kitchen cabinets was one of those projects that just spiraled. In the end, we have accepted the results and have decided to take a break from them, put everything back together, and cook dinner. Our friends (that now live just across the street!) are coming over for a 'first dinner' on Sunday, and I couldn't be happier!

February 4, 2013

Pintrest: Best Friend / Worst Enemy.

From the moment we found our home (before we were approved for...anything...) I started to re-design via Pintrest. Before this moment, I didn't really understand the appeal of this social network. What I saw was girls posting pictures of food, and planning weddings before they had even been proposed to.

Let me tell you though, it is awesome for homey stuff.

Stacks and stacks of pictures with ideas and websites, all describing how I could make any home into a dream. Knowing that we don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spend, and also that we very much don't want to go into that sort of debt, I made it my mission to discover every possible way to breath inexpensive loveliness into a home.

I have succeeded!

You (or I, more specifically) can paint anything. Anything! And paint is the best way to liven up a residence without begging Mom and Dad for money. I now know how to paint cabinets, counter tops, door handles, walls, and decks. And fortunately, painting is one of my specialties when I have any free time and canvas.

Here is my loot.

Yes, I do have pictures of food... but home buying does require some comforting cookies and pancakes every once in a while. So eat up and enjoy.