January 30, 2013

Our First House

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.
  Proverbs 24:3-4

Wisdom. Is buying a home a wise decision?
Understanding. Do we really understand what we are doing?
Knowledge. Have we learned enough to do this successfully?

Egh, maybe.

Next month, we are signing papers and making our first home purchase official. We are buying a house!

This decision came with quite a bit of anguish. When we started looking at different properties, the love of our current apartment went up and down in response to the homes we were seeing. A great house made me loath our living space, while a smelly, dirty, small (etc) one made me love and cherish our beautiful little home. This roller coaster of emotions caused me to teeter back and fourth between wanting to move and wanting to stay put. Thankfully, my husband had our future in more of a stable ride and kept us going on one steady path.

As this is our first home... our first down payment with nothing behind us to sell... we tried our best to find a home that was practical, comfortable, and safe for myself, my husband, and our cute little toddler. Sorting thru trashed foreclosures, 1950's fixer-uppers, and sketch neighborhoods added more loops and twists into my ride than I was able to handle, until one day we spotted a listing for a an early 90s town home in a good neighborhood. Offer sent.

I am going to spare all the details of our escrow, but will open a window to show the difficulties of the first time home buyer. Convincing a bank that you are not a flight risk is next to impossible when starting out. That's all I'll say. Other than that, you may just know that we were approved.

And now, here we are on the other side of the dry-wall. Hoping and praying that we have made the right decision.

Here is the story of our first house.